Humber Arts and Sciences pathway program

People don't alway know what they want to do for a living or what they are passionate about studying. Some students can also benefit from improving their grades and/or taking a transition program to adjust back into school life. For those students, a Humber Arts and Sciences pathway program may just be the right choice. Associate Dean of Pathways, April-Dawn Blackwell, and graduate Cameron Farrar have shared the Top 10 reasons a student should choose one of the Arts and Science Pathways programs to prepare for their future and find their niche.

  1. Explore courses, programs and career options
    “I spent six or so years after high school working part and full-time because I wasn't sure I ever wanted to pursue further education. I'm very glad that I changed my mind though,” said Cameron Farrar, General Arts and Science – University Transfer (Diploma) graduate. “After going from random job to job, not enjoying myself or feeling particularly challenged, I felt that I could be doing so much more. That's when I started looking into post-secondary programs. It was a little overwhelming trying to narrow down my interests and commit to a program with a specific career path in mind, so I decided to take the Humber General Arts and Science – University Transfer diploma program.”
  2. Learn career skills, time management, project management, team building, problem solving, collaboration
    “This program is meant to help prepare and guide you into a degree program or any number of more specialized programs with more definitive career paths in mind. I regularly received emails about workshops/lectures/presentations/info sessions around campus...pretty much anything you can imagine, all geared toward helping us find our passions and deciding our next steps,” said Farrar. While in the program you practice and build the skills employers are looking for today. Skills in time management, communication, problem solving, collaboration, agility are just some of the benefits of the GAS Pathways programs. These skills are beneficial for future programs of study and in any career.
  3. Navigate a post-secondary environment and learn the ropes
    “My experience was great! My courses were varied and all of my teachers were amazing - they always had time to answer questions and to give me the support I need,” said Farrar. “As much as I loved attending classes, I also loved just walking around the campus, finding a spot to sit and read or study, and running into classmates or professors.”
  4. Improve your GPA, as well as your skills and knowledge
    Students have the opportunity to strengthen and enhance their academic skills in a variety of humanities and social science disciplines with the General Arts and Science programs. “I would encourage other students who may be hesitant to enrol to look into this program as it is a great entry point to higher education. I've never felt more motivated or determined to succeed,” said Farrar. “After more than six years of working jobs that didn't challenge or excite me, I finally feel that I have a purpose. If you're struggling to find a path, the Humber General Arts and Science program can help you find your purpose.”
  5. Earn a college credential
    Any of the five (5) GAS Pathways programs earn a college credential. Completing the program shows employers you are resilient and determined to achieve plus you can apply for future academic studies already having a Humber certificate.
  6. Earn transfer credits (up to 6 depending on the program at Humber)
    The General Arts and Science (GAS) programs helps students develop the academic skills needed to continue on to all programs including degree-level studies at Humber and with a variety of university partners. For example, the Arts and Science – University Transfer (Diploma) allows a student to have up to 1.5-years worth of academic credit at York University.
  7. Connect with professors who are passionate about teaching and learning
    “I'm not sure that I could choose any singular highlight of my experiences at Humber. I would say meeting all of my professors, learning from them and really feeling motivated by them to put forth my best efforts has been very rewarding and that's something I'll always appreciate and remember fondly,” said Farrar. “I loved getting my tests and assignments back from my professors, looking through them and absorbing their feedback; regardless of my grade, I always felt motivated to learn from my mistakes and to strive to do and be better. I think that mentality was my greatest general takeaway from this program.”
  8. Participate in more than 50 co-curricular record (CCR) opportunities to enhance your experience and add to your resume
    A CCR is a formal College recognition of skill development that takes place outside of the classroom. Humber College offers many skill development opportunities which are an excellent way to improve skills, network, and get positive recognition of your involvement – benefiting your resume and future career goals.
  9. Every student has their own Student Success Advisor to help them navigate their educational pathway
    Students have direct connections with their own student success advisor (SSA) for GAS Pathways programs. Guided by a course in first semester with additional career and academic advising supports by faculty, the SSA meets with all of our students. Create assignment plans, discuss personal goals or challenges with your studies – the SSA is your personal academic coach.
  10. Save Money - there are scholarships, bursaries, student awards available
    Students can apply or be nominated for awards worth hundreds or even $1,000 or more with a simple online form and use it to pay for tuition. Scholarships and bursaries are also available specific to our pathways programs – this means there are more opportunities for students to receive the funds. Ask us more about ways to potentially gain time and save money with a Humber GAS pathways progra

    More information about Humber’s Arts and Science pathway programs, can be found here.