Humber celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting events honouring the social, cultural and economic achievements of women in the Humber community and professionals across the country.

Here are some highlights of the week:

The School of Applied Technology hosted an International Women’s Day Leadership Symposium, focusing on women in engineering. The event featured a workshop in textile computing, the future of women’s health and a panel discussion on skills and the future.

At the University of Guelph-Humber, students were invited to attend two different panel discussions featuring industry professionals to highlight the unique challenges and opportunities they have experienced as a woman in their field. The event also welcomed students to meet with recruiters who are searching to hire a diverse workforce and network with students.

The panels featured, Sou Choi from Tiffany & Co., Erin Williamson from York Regional Police, Luisa Alvarez Restrepo from Toronto International Film Festival, Susan Wonch from York Region Transit and more.

IGNITE Real Talks brought Phoebe Robinson to North Campus for a meet and greet with students and a Q&A. Robinson is a stand-up comedian, New York Times best-selling author, and actress. The event was hosted by YouTube star and activist, Jouelzy. Robinson spoke about the importance of female empowerment and her personal experience overcoming adversity.

Robinson shared why it’s important for women to continue working together. “Those who are in a position of power can become more successful if they share their resources and bring more people with them along their journey.”

Phoebe Robinson speaking at IGNITE Real Talks event at the North Campus Student Centre. 
IGNITE Real Talks- IWD event
YouTube star and activist, Jouelzy hosted the discussion and spoke to Phoebe Robinson in front of Humber faculty, staff and students. 








“We live in an interesting time. Before only one person of colour was allowed in a room and now women are taking the helm on projects and are building a career for it,” says Robinson.

First Year Experience (FYE) celebrated Canada’s focal point in the movement for women’s rights at North Campus.

FYE- IWD event
In the LRC Concourse at North Campus, guests learned about many Canadian women who led women's rights movements. 








FYE also “Danced It Out” at Lakeshore Campus through Find Your Fierce, a high-energy dance workshop led by its founder Monica Gold. All proceeds to attend the event will support She’s the First, an organization fighting gender equality through education.   

“The event is welcoming and inclusive and celebrates women empowerment. FYE wanted to organize an event to express to students what being a woman means,” says Claire Chappell, FYE student event organizer and third-year student, Bachelor of Public Relations.

The week also featured information booths, bracelet making workshops and a variety of social media campaigns applauding women in the Humber community.

For upcoming Humber events, please visit the Humber Today events page.