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Victor Ferretti Sartori has his family to thank in part for his decision to enrol in Humber College’s Bachelor of Digital Communications program.

The international student from Brazil had already graduated from a filmmaking program but wanted to continue his post-secondary education. His parents mentioned his sister was considering studying abroad in Canada and that piqued his interest. He felt the need for change and wanted the opportunity to live and learn somewhere new.

When Sartori heard about the Bachelor of Digital Communications program, he felt it would be a perfect fit as it catered to his passion for creativity and digital marketing while offering a blend of the creative and analytical aspects of communications. The opportunity for work-integrated learning in the third year was also extremely appealing as it meant he would graduate with real-world work experience on his resume.

“It had everything that I was looking for,” said Sartori. “That’s why I decided to come to Humber.”

Now in his second year of the program, Sartori is relishing the mix of classroom instruction and hands-on learning that is a hallmark of a Humber education. He’s developing the skills needed to be successful in his future career while building his portfolio.

“In my field, you can’t just hand in a resume saying what you can do. You have to show what you are capable of creating through your portfolio.”

The program provides learners with exposure to industry professionals along with opportunities to grow their network, which Sartori says has been a huge benefit to him as a newcomer to the country.

Coming to Canada and studying in the GTA has been a wonderful experience for Sartori, who now considers Toronto as his second home. It was challenging at first to adjust to life in a new country with a different culture. But he’s met some wonderful people both at Humber and in the community who have welcomed him and helped him acclimatize to the new environment.

He particularly appreciated Humber’s support with pre-arrival and orientation information that helped make for a smoother experience when he first arrived.

Sartori is already gaining real-world work experience in Canada as a digital marketing intern at Humber International. He’s developing critical interpersonal communication skills while working as part of a team. Sartori says he’s taking what he has learned in the program and applying it directly to his work with Humber International.

Looking towards his future, Sartori wants to manage and create marketing and advertising campaigns that are creatively fulfilling. He also aspires to bridge the gap between the creative and analytical aspects of marketing to ensure that campaigns are appealing to the public and personally satisfying.

“While my journey at Humber has just begun, I'm excited about the possibilities the future holds and the opportunity to grow as a professional in the world of digital communications and marketing,” he said.

More information on Humber’s international student program can be found by visiting the Future Students webpage.