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Strengthen your marks and skills to broaden your future possibilities

Gain access to academic and financial resources to help you succeed

Earn credits toward reducing your future course workloads 

Build your portfolio toward entering a traditional or digital arts program


Get a Headstart

With COVID-19 limiting new job opportunities, this may be the perfect time to improve your academic standing to gain admission into a diploma or degree program. Or, take a preparatory program to lay a foundation for further studies in many programs such as: business, social sciences, health sciences or technology.

Invest in Yourself

Humber programs offer you supports including free tutoring, academic advising, and assistance with technology. Through your tuition, you have access to mental health & wellness resources and health insurance. You may qualify for financial assistance and/or grant funding to help cover your costs. Find out more through Financial Aid.

Earn Some Credit

Use your credits toward a reduced course load in your future program giving you more time to study, work or to enjoy a better life to school balance. General Arts & Science programs lead to credits in over 100 different diploma and degree programs.

Find Yourself

Gain experience in the basics of Visual Arts, Design Foundation, or Media Foundation through the exploration of a diverse set of courses that focus on the skills needed for advanced study in these areas. Build your portfolio while you learn new approaches and techniques.

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$1,500 - $2,500

Humber awards degree scholarships to students entering any Humber bachelor’s degree program who have completed a one-year Ontario college certificate or two- or three-year diploma from a publicly-funded college in Ontario.

Take this time to prepare for college or university

College Transfer (1YR)

Take two semesters to prepare for further study at college with courses in business, communications, humanities and advising sessions.

University Transfer (1YR)

Take two semesters to prepare for further degree-level studies at university or college. Gain transfer credits and explore humanities, sustainability, social justice and more.

University Transfer (2YR)

Take four semesters to prepare for further study at university with a wide-selection of courses, ability to gain transfer credits and possible advanced standing at top universities.

Pre-Health Sciences
(2 Semester)

Build basic science and mathematics knowledge with foundational studies in biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology.

(2 Semester)

A unique program with many academic pathways and options with transfer credits in Tech, IT and Trades. Build skills in critical thinking, math, and writing for future studies.

Take this time to explore and create

Art Foundation

Get a comprehensive foundation in the basics of current visual arts by exploring different types of media through the creative process.

Design Foundation

Gain an understanding of professional design through a diverse curriculum that features courses in interior, graphic, packaging and industrial design.

Media Foundation

Develop foundational knowledge and skills in digital media, communications, writing, and design, as preparation for further study in advanced media programs.

Got A Question?

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