All classroom materials are included. 

CSA approved safety shoes are mandatory but not supplied.

The programs do not qualify for OSAP funding.

Second Career funding may be available by contacting Second Career and enquiring about eligibility.

Some banks will give loans based on their requirements. Reach out to them for their requirements.

The medical cost is NOT covered by OHIP. Check with your family doctor or a “Walk-In” clinic as the costs for the medical can vary considerably.

The “Classified Learners Permit” is obtained at DRIVE TEST. There is a fee payable to DRIVE TEST, Medical (obtained prior to applying) and written test.

Humber is a Community College (a public school) and therefore does not fall under the ‘Private Vocational Schools Act and Regulation.’ Humber College does not need to be registered or exempted.

  Student - Instructor Ratio
Classroom 15:1
In-vehicle: DZ Truck 1:1
In-vehicle: AZ Truck 2:1

AZ - 22 per week.

DZ - 21 per week

AZ - Approximately 7 weeks.

DZ - 4-5 weeks.

All program lengths are affected by your choices regarding scheduling sessions and availability of trucks and instructors for training sessions.

The centre includes:

  • Large classrooms,
  • Full climate control
  • Complete audio visual equipment
  • Study area
  • Resource centre
  • Lunch facilities
  • Free parking at the Transportation Campus for students whilst taking the program

A large number of our students and graduates have come to Humber later in life. Some have raised families and are now looking for a well-paying job, while others have left their previous careers and are looking for something new. Students range in age from the 20s to the 60s.

While for many years trucking was a field that was almost completely male, that has changed over the years. More and more women are now entering this field, and there are classes at Humber just for women. You can request more information on these programs when you first visit the Transportation Training Centre.

Comprehensive curriculum was developed by professionals in the industry and approved by the Ministry of Transportation. Curriculum is constantly evaluated with feedback from industry members.

Yes. A number of our students are recent immigrants. See the course specific requirements in each program "AZ" and "DZ".