Admissions Testing

Students may be required to complete admissions testing for their application to be considered. 

Admissions testing is not required for all programs or all students. If an admissions test is required the student will receive an email or call from Humber College, and will be directed to MyHumber to register for a testing session.

Students applying to certain programs will have the opportunity to complete their test from home, online.  Students opting for the online option require access to a private space, web cam and strong internet connection.  Vouchers are sent to students within 10 business days of registering and paying for their admission test session from our testing site Accuplacer from the email and are entitled Remote Voucher Notification. 

Placement Testing

Many post-secondary programs at Humber College require a placement test. Placement testing should be completed prior to the start of the semester. The purpose of the test is to place the student in the appropriate Math course. 

Students can register for placement testing here.

How can I prepare for Admission/Placement Testing?

Check out the following resources to prepare for your test: