Students enrolled in a Humber diploma or certificate program must complete placement tests in English and/or Math to know what level of English/Math courses they should be registering into. Students enrolled in Post-graduate or Degree programs are not required to complete a placement test.

All students must book their CCPTs online and take them at a Humber Testing Services location.

Follow these steps to register and complete your CCPT (unavailable - registration is now closed):

1. Click the link that applies to you:

2. You will see a list of programs that require the CCPT. Click the "Register" link beside your program to book your test. This will forward you to our Flexible Registration platform.

3. Follow the rest of the steps here to book. A video tutorial can be found here.

4. Scroll down for additional information about testing locations and preparation guides.

5. Check your test scores on MyHumber (takes up to 3 days to receive your English and/or Math test scores). Click here for instructions for using your test scores to register into your English/Math courses. 

Testing Options

Online: Students can choose to complete their CCPT requirements online – all you need is a secure internet connection, webcam and a quiet space to test. Students who wish to take advantage of the online option (which will save time, travel expense, and provide a sense of convenience) will be charged a $35 fee, and will be monitored by a live proctor via webcam. To register for online placement testing please select the first session available through the Flexible Registration platform. You will see that the location is listed as "Distance Learning / Online."
After registering for online placement testing you will receive a follow up email within ten (10) days that includes your voucher codes and further instructions for testing.

In person: Students can complete their test in person at a Testing Services location (North - LRC2143, Lakeshore - WEL307, Orangeville - AL204). Sessions are available for registration through the Flexible Registration platform, and new sessions are opened as needed.  Please note, the test is completed entirely on a computer. Please bring photo ID with you on the day of your test, you require government issued photo ID to test.

Additional CCPT Information

Your test results do not affect your admission status, but they may require you to receive ESL support or take a remedial course that results in additional fees.

Students registered into part time studies will need to complete a placement test if they are interested in taking any English or Math courses through our Department of Continuing and Corporate Education.

Late Testing Fee Information

Winter 2018 Students

If you do not register for or complete your CCPT before December 1, 2017 you will be subject to a $50 late fee. The fee will be charged to your account following testing. 

Note: the following students are exempt from the late fee:

  • Students accepted into their program after November 14, 2017
  • International students who arrived in Canada after November 14, 2017 (please bring your passport directly to Testing Services to demonstrate your date of entrance).
  • Students who live more than 200 km away from Humber College
Drop-In Testing Sessions (Orientation Week Only)

Winter 2018 Drop In Testing - Late fees may apply

During Orientation Week students may write on a walk-in basis at both our North and Lakeshore locations (please note the late fee may apply). Students can take their tests during the following times:

  • Tuesday, January 2 - 9 AM to 2 PM
  • Wednesday, January 3 - 9 AM to 2 PM
  • Thursday, January 4 – 9 AM to 2 PM
  • Friday, January 5 – 9 AM to 2 PM
CCPT Resources