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Registering for Classes

Learn how to build your best timetable for your first semester and all those to follow.

Registration Road Map

Enrolling can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Visit the Registration Road Map to view a list of essential info to help you get started.

Full-time students must pay or arrange to pay the full balance of their tuition fees before registering for classes. Check out the available options including OSAP funding or a payment plan

The date, time and type of registration for your program and semester will be made available a minimum of two weeks before registration begins for the term.

There are videos and how-to guides available to help you prepare to register whether your program is course-based or block-based. Find out how to build a course-based plan now.

Get familiar with common terms for registration and check out the FAQ for more info about what you can expect. Still have questions? We got you - email or give us a call at 416.675.3111.