Campus Agreement and Humber Guardian App Information

As we make plans and anticipate being able to expand our ability to return to campus over the next year, we are asking students and employees to take steps to mitigate the risks related to COVID-19. This can be done through education and adherence to established safety protocols.

Health and safety are a shared responsibility between students, staff and the Humber Administration. Accordingly, Humber will count on all members of the community to adhere to safety guidelines, self-monitor and assess one’s own health, and to continue to learn and work remotely in adherence with established operational plans.

Two key steps to be taken by Humber students and employees prior to attending campus are the following:

Students are required to complete and sign the Return to Campus Agreement. A sample of the agreement form can be found here. The actual form to be signed will be emailed to students. Employees complete this as part of the mandatory COVID-19 Awareness Training.

Signing this document will signify your acknowledgement and awareness of the return to campus rules and agreement to co-operate with the measures that are, and/or may be put in place to ensure that we can all remain safe while on campus. The purpose of the agreement is to confirm a commitment to adhere to all safety protocols established by the College.

Students are required to sign the agreement before returning to campus. The Registrar’s Office is emailing the agreement directly to students, so ensure your email address is up-to-date on MyHumber.

Given the critical importance of a safe campus environment, compliance with safety protocols, including completing the agreement form is mandatory for all employees and for students who are attending campus, and will be enforced. Failure to complete and submit the Return to Campus Agreement and/or failure to comply with established or future safety protocols will be taken seriously and addressed promptly. Employees and students are expected to confirm their adherence to established safety protocols.

The Guardian app is available for free in Apple or Google Play stores. The self-assessment must be completed daily by employees and students prior to each day they come to campus. For example, if you are planning to be on campus on Monday and Tuesday in the same week, you must complete the assessment on both days.

You can access the self-assessment questions here.

In order to prevent a slow down at entry ways, you are asked to complete the self-assessment form on the app prior to attending campus and have your approval screen ready to show to designated staff who will be reviewing the approvals to attend campus at campus entrances.

Humber and the Department of Public Safety reserve the right to ask any student, staff and faculty for proof of daily completion of the COVID-19 Self-Assessment.

Anyone who does not have a smart phone or is unable to download or update the Humber Guardian app, may find an alternate format of the questions here. Contact the Department of Public Safety at 416.675.8500 or if you have any questions.