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Michelle Di Natale - Licensed Paralegal, Aclaim Legal Services

How did you hear about Humber Community Employment Services (HCES)?

Through a friend who came to the Community Employment Service centre in Brampton. He had a good experience here, so I had to try it out.

How did Humber Community Employment Services help you find employment?

In many ways, when I first came to this location, my résumé wasn’t up to the standards that human resource managers are looking for when screening candidates. I was working with Simon, who is an Employment Advisor at the centre. Simon reviewed my résumé and helped me to structure it based on my education, my knowledge, my experience as well as community volunteer service. When it came to my job search, there were a lot of missing pieces, so the first thing I received help with was my résumé. I also attended the workshops which were very helpful. They give you a lot of insight into the steps you need to take to break into your profession. 

The other thing I was able to learn was that when you look at job postings, you need to extract key words from that post and implement them into your résumé and highlight your qualifications according to that specific posting. Simple things like that I did not know so I became educated by coming here to the center.

What did you think about the staff that you interacted with during your time here?

The staff here was extremely friendly, very professional and knowledgeable. They really do care about their clients. I felt very comfortable and I found that they were very helpful.

What are some of your future career plans?

I need some more experience to climb up the ladder in law, eventually get a higher paying position, and further my education. Eventually I want to be a self-employed paralegal and have my own law firm.

Michelle Di Natale