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Four Key Mindsets​

Mindsets are worldviews that are crucial to the well-being and prosperity of individuals and communities. As values, they inform how we approach challenging situations and interact with others.​

The EDIB Mindset

An equity, diversity, inclusion & belonging mindset enables us to create a fair, just and inclusive world. As equity-minded individuals, Humber graduates have a deep understanding of and respect for human diversity, intersectional identities and cultural complexity. They act with empathy, compassion and humility to remove barriers for equity-deserving groups and create equal opportunity for all individuals and communities.​

  • anti-racism​
  • anti-oppression​
  • empathy, compassion & humility​
  • equal opportunity​
  • global citizenship​
  • intersectionality​
  • sustainability​
  • systems thinking​

The Sustainability Mindset

A sustainability mindset enables us to think and act with collective futures in mind. As sustainability-minded individuals, Humber graduates lead by example. They promote equitable and sustainable practices in their professional and personal lives. They act responsibly in environmental, economic and social ways that protect our planet and contribute positively to the well-being of our communities.

  • anticipatory & futures thinking ​
  • equity, diversity & inclusion ​
  • flexibility & adaptability ​
  • social justice, civic responsibility and environmental ethics​
  • strategic action ​​

The Systems Thinking Mindset​

A systems thinking mindset enables us to effect real change by harnessing the interconnectedness of all things. As systems thinkers, Humber graduates approach situations by knowing ​ the limits of their own knowledge and engaging multiple perspectives. They ask “what if?” They are curious, compassionate and courageous thinkers who actively ​ break down silos and promote holistic problem finding.

  • courage ​
  • equity, diversity & inclusion​
  • holistic problem finding​
  • Interconnectedness​
  • multiple perspectives ​
  • recognition of limits of knowledge​
  • sustainability​​​

Indigenous Ways of Being Knowing and Doing (IWBKD)

An IWBKD mindset enables us to respect, reflect on and embrace Indigenous cultures, perspectives, systems of knowledge and approaches to life. As humble and open individuals, Humber graduates recognize the cultural foundations and history of the land we inhabit and understand how they have shaped Indigenous realities today. They act bravely to create space for reconciliation, helping to co-create a future based on wisdom, love, honesty and truth.​

Meta-Skill: Critical Thinking

A Meta-Skill is a higher-order skill that activates other skills and enables us to acquire new skills effectively. At Humber, this Meta-Skill ensures our career-ready graduates are perceptive and competent.

Critical Thinking

As critical thinkers, Humber graduates have awareness of their thinking process and apply this process to behaviour and action. They approach issues with an open mind, questioning all perspectives and systems of thought. They assess and analyze all relevant information, and accurately and comprehensively represent key issues. They communicate and collaborate effectively with others to achieve well-reasoned conclusions and make evidence-based recommendations.

Skills in Action​

Skills are the practical tools we need for learning, work and life. Shaped by key mindsets and driven by critical thinking, Humber's SKILLS IN ACTION ensure graduates have the tools to be career-ready citizens.


Collaboration skills enable individuals to work with others effectively to achieve a common goal.

Collaboration is:

  • active listening
  • conflict resolution
  • emotional intelligence
  • goal-setting
  • individual accountability
  • self-regulation



Communication skills enable individuals to convey information effectively.

Communication is:

  • clarity & conciseness
  • credibility & integrity
  • purpose & audience
  • tone & medium


Digital Fluency

Digital fluency skills enable individuals to use and adapt to digital tools, manage information, conduct research and create and communicate effectively and ethically in digital spaces.

Digital fluency is:

  • data analytics
  • ethics & security
  • information management
  • multi-platform competency
  • new media literacy
  • online professionalism



Innovation skills enable individuals to think creatively and critically to generate new and unconventional ideas.

Innovation is:

  • curiosity
  • design thinking
  • entrepreneurialism
  • targeted creativity
  • vision



Leadership skills enable individuals to inspire, motivate and empower others to achieve positive, common goals.

Leadership is:

  • coaching & mentoring
  • empowerment of others
  • being a positive influencer
  • role-modelling
  • vision
  • working in diversity



Professionalism enables an individual to exhibit behaviour and actions that enhance personal reputation and contribute positively to success in the workplace.

Professionalism is:

  • accountability
  • adaptability
  • confidence
  • ethics & responsibility
  • field/industry readiness
  • resilience
  • resourcefulness


Strategic Problem Solving

Strategic problem-solving skills enable an individual to predict and define a problem, and to determine the best approach to achieving a solution.

Strategic problem-solving is:

  • applying knowledge, skills and prior experience
  • critical judgement
  • context awareness
  • effective decision-making
  • evaluation of solutions
  • pre-emptive evaluation



The HLO Story

The story behind the HLO symbols that leverage the history of Humber and its connection to its namesake, the Humber River.

The HLO Story

The story behind the HLO symbols that leverage the history of Humber and its connection to its namesake, the Humber River.

The HLO Story

The story behind the HLO symbols that leverage the history of Humber and its connection to its namesake, the Humber River.

Career-Ready Graduates

The HLOs are aimed at equipping Humber graduates with the employability skills, mindsets, and values they need to succeed in the future of work and life.

Defining Our

The HLO Framework helps to define the unique qualities of our graduates through Humber’s polytechnic model of education.