The Indigenous Education Advisory Council (IEC) provides strategic-level advice to the college on institutional (academic and administrative) policies, practices, procedures, and programs to ensure they are responsive to the needs of Indigenous learners, families, and communities.

The IEC works collaboratively to address the needs of both Indigenous learners and communities by providing strategic direction in support of Indigenous student success, academically, socially, and culturally.

Members include:

Elijah Williams, Dean, Indigenous Education & Engagement, IEC Co-Chair

Jason Seright, Vice-President, Inclusion & Belonging, IEC Co-Chair

Gina Antonacci, Senior Vice-President, Academic

Jason Hunter, Vice-President, Student & Institutional Planning

Ian Crookshank, Dean of Students, Student Success & Engagement

Cara Loft, Professor, Indigenous Determinants of Health

David Miller, Professor, English

Mark Sault, Mississauga of the Credit First Nation

Gloria Laliberte, Chippewa of the Thames

Lenora Maracle, Six Nations of the Grand River

Ron Bull, Otago Polytechnic

1 rotating current student/alumni

Indigenous Education Council Terms of Reference