The purpose of Transgressions is to build community, share stories, and co-create new and insightful strategies to challenge transphobia in the lives of folks who identify as trans, two-spirit, non-binary or any other gender-variant identity. 

Often trans, two-spirit, non-binary or other gender diverse people have very limited spaces where they can express the multiple intersectional parts of their identities. In this space, we challenge folks to explore their authentic selves through discussions, activities, and media exploration.

This discussion group is specifically for folks who identify as trans, two-spirit, non-binary and or any other gender diverse identity as there will be specific topics, media and activities that are related to gender diverse identities. For example, speaking of folks’ experience navigating cis-centred spaces or navigating around anti-trans language. 

For folks who want be part of the conversation as an ally or for educational purposes, our staff members will be happy to give you the resources you need during our drop-in hours.

This event is run Thursdays bi-weekly at the North Campus (E140).


*All events, dates and topics are subject to change. Updates will be posted on Instagram @humberlgbtq