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Presidential Search Advisory Committee
Terms of Reference

The Committee’s mandate is to conduct a broad, fair and effective recruitment process to attract a strong field of candidates for Humber College Institute of Technology’s Advanced Learning's next President and CEO and to recommend preferred candidate(s) to the Board of Governors for approval.


The Chair will:

  • Chair all Committee meetings;
  • Provide regular updates to the Board of Governors on the progress of the search;
  • Approve all documents that are used in the search, including the position profile; and
  • On behalf of the Committee, recommend a preferred candidate (or candidates) to the Board for approval.

The Board of Governors will:

  • Support the Presidential Search Committee’s mandate;
  • Direct all questions and comments about the presidential search process to the Chair of the Presidential Search Committee;
  • Participate in the approval of the recommended candidate(s) for consideration, as presented by the Committee Chair; and
  • Approve the Terms of Reference for the Presidential Search Advisory Committee.

The Presidential Search Advisory Committee will:

  • Follow and modify as needed the timeline to identify and recommend a preferred candidate or candidates to the Board as soon as practical;
  • Participate in consultation to recommend attributes for the position profile and key selection criteria for the President and CEO;
  • Review and provide feedback on the position profile and key selection criteria for candidates prepared by the executive search firm based on consultation with the Humber community;
  • Assist in the search by providing the executive search firm with names of qualified candidates who may be interested;
  • Agree on the short list of qualified candidates for interviews by the Committee, with the assistance of the executive search firm;
  • Set the interview dates and place/mode and determine the areas for questions, with the assistance of the executive search firm;
  • Conduct the interviews of the short-listed candidates and review reference information collected by the executive search firm related to the short-listed candidates;
  • Assist with developing a second-round interview process, helping to identify key stakeholders that should be engaged;
  • Develop recommendations on no more than three preferred candidates, for presentation to the Board; and
  • Provide any other advice to the Chair of the Committee to support the successful appointment of the next President and CEO and their integration into the role.

Committee Secretary

The Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness, will perform the function of Committee Secretary but will not be a member of the Search Advisory Committee.

Confidentiality of Proceedings

It is a condition of membership of the Search Advisory Committee that its deliberations and all matters pertaining to its proceedings will be strictly confidential. Acceptance of membership constitutes an undertaking to adhere strictly to this condition.


All members of the Search Advisory Committee will be provided with information at the Committee's first meeting to establish expectations and responsibilities of the individuals on the committee, the full Presidential search committee and the full Board of Directors.


The Presidential Search Advisory Committee meeting quorum shall be 60% of the members of the Search Committee attending in person or virtually.
Members of the committee are expected to make best effort to attend all meetings to ensure deliberations have full engagement and thorough continuity.

Terms of the President’s Appointment

In consultation with KBRS, the Executive Governance Committee shall establish contract parameters and compensation for the successful candidate. The full Presidential Search Advisory Committee shall not have the responsibility of discussing contract provisions with candidates, excepting only that the Chair of the Search Advisory Committee shall review these parameters and recommendations regarding compensation and contract provisions when the process is at that stage.

The final terms for a contract will be approved by the Executive Governance Committee, reporting fully to the Board.