Please see: room styles for details on what is provided and room sizes


  • High quality power bars, NOT regular extension cords. Plugging several items into one regular extension cord is UNSAFE and will trip the breaker in your unit.  
  • For Singles ONLY, mini-fridges can be brought in or rented through Coldex. Mini-fridges must be in excellent condition and must be ENERGY STAR RATED.  Maximum size 3 cu. feet.
  • Blankets
  • Linens (double beds in suites; single beds in single style rooms)  
  • Pillows
  • Clothes, bathrobe and slippers, shoes, shoe racks, hangers
  • Clock radio with alarm
  • Hair dryer and toiletries, bring flips flops for showers if you are in the single style rooms, as well as small free standing mirrors.  
  • Towels, bathroom tote or basket for carrying items
  • Health card, identification, medication
  • Supplies, reference books, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, green painters tape to hang posters (the only acceptable method of putting things on the walls)
  • Computer, ethernet cable
  • Portable, small sound system, no subwoofers or bass speakers
  • Microwaveable dishes, cups, cutlery
  • A broom with dust pan
  • Laundry basket, laundry detergent, etc.
  • TV, decorative items
  • Small new throw rugs (no old rugs allowed)
  • Plastic containers for dry cereals (to prevent rodents/pests)
  • Water bottles
  • Induction-friendly pots and pans if you intend to use the full kitchen. (The easiest way to know if cookware will work on an induction cooktop is to put a magnet on the bottom, turn it upright, and give it a little shake. If the magnet slides off easily, that pot/pan can't be used with an induction cooktop.)

SUITES ONLY  (in addition to the above) 

  • Coffee pot, kettle (all with automatic shut-offs) and toaster (All CSA approved and in good working order. No Toaster ovens, George foreman grills or other cooking appliances).
  • Dish pan, dish rack, garbage bags
  • Large free standing mirror
  • Suite style residents must supply their own toilet paper
  • Cleaning supplies (small vacuum, dish detergent , toilet brush,  all purpose GREEN APPROVED cleaning detergent, sponges, j-cloths, mop. broom, dustpan)
  •  If you want to make your room more like home, you may want to bring a desk lamp, small free standing bookshelf or table for TV. 
  • We recommend you also bring a bath mat.
  • Some small appliances that will automatically shut off if you forget (ie. coffee pots, kettles, rice cookers, or slow cookers with an automatic shut off) are permitted, provided they are CSA approved and in good working order. No toaster ovens, indoor grills, portable cook plates, or other cooking appliances are permitted. 
  • Please refer to the furnishings section in the Residence Handbook to ensure what you are bringing is following the furnishing guidelines.


We recommend you bring the following just in case of emergency situations: 

  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Medicine, including general pain reliever
  • Thermometer, hot water bottle
  • Face Mask and gloves (in case of flu outbreak)
  • Hand sanitizers

What NOT To Bring

  • Microwave ovens
  • Fridges for Suites (we supply these)
  • Large stereo/sound systems
  • Hammer, nails or hooks with sticky tape
  • Pets of any kind (including fish, reptiles and insects)
  • Weapons & other illegal devices such as fireworks, BB or paint ball guns, swords or "toy replicas" of such items etc.
  • Furniture recovered in fabric (prevention against potential pest issues)
  • Candles or incense, lanterns etc
  • Cooking appliances other than those stated in the "what to bring" section
  • Large volume alcohol containers - bubbas, kegs, Texas Mickey's etc. and beer funnels