Sorry, we missed you, our matching period has come to a close! But you can still join in on our amazing events and workshops. Stay up to date with all FYE has planned by clicking here or following us on social media (@HumberNorthFYE, @HumberLakeFYE)


Getting a Mentor

If you are interested in being matched with a mentor, we'll ask you for information to help us find the best Peer Mentor possible. Matching can be based on academic program, academic school, or identity. Please note our application to request a mentor is closed for the Fall semester. Our application will open soon for the Winter semester.

Mentoring Periods

FYE runs mentoring during the Fall and Winter semesters. You can register with FYE at any time during these periods to get matched with a mentor. 

Fall Semester Mentoring: September  - December
Winter Semester Mentoring: January - April

What Can I Expect?

As a mentee, you should expect following: 

  1. Get connected with your own Peer Mentor via email or text. Letting your Peer Mentor know how to contact you will assist them in getting you important information throughout the mentoring period. 
  2. Ask questions! Your mentor has been in your shoes before. 
  3. Attend FYE workshops and events. FYE hosts multiple events per month and are a great way to take a break, meet people, and enjoy some free food. 
  4. Commit to contacting your mentor a minimum of 2 times per month. 

Our application for Winter 2023 semester will open soon.