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At Humber College and Guelph-Humber, the Black Academic Success Engagement (BASE) provides students who identify as Black, African, and Caribbean with a safe community, resources and support to help them fully maximize their campus experience! We connected with Divine Akhatsokhe, a graphic designer at the BASE, to learn more about all the programs and events available to students virtually.

Here are a few of the events the BASE hosts:

  • Kings Gathering - a relaxed and supportive discussion for Black males, who come together to share ideas, stories, experiences, discuss topics and relationships.
  • Circle Of Queens - a supportive community of like-minded, self-identifying Black women, who come together to explore a variety of relevant hot topics such as self and group identity, relationships and family, health and wellness, personal and professional development, and many more!
  • Level up Series - a support for self-development and helps students grow personally and professionally. The series teaches skills like self management, how to stay motivated and academic planning. It is an awesome resource to prepare students for life after college and transitioning into their professional careers.

The BASE hosts virtual drop-in sessions every Tuesdays and Thursdays for chill discussions about what is happening in your life, your mental health and more.

Visit the BASE for more information on these events!

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