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Midterms are around the corner and we understand stress may be building up. We connected with Wah-Sing from Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS), to learn more about how to set yourself up for success when preparing for online midterms.

If you are having trouble preparing for your midterms, show gratitude to yourself as you are more than your grades. Be thankful for yourself and take time to remove yourself from technology, even if it is for 30 minutes or less before, as it affects our ability to self-reflect.

Here are additional tips for setting yourself up for success from Wah-Sing:

Minimize distractions at home:

  • Set boundaries between your family, friends and school. It’s easy for time to all blend together when you’re at home so when setting boundaries, communicate to others that it’s important for you to set dedicated time aside for studying and preparing for midterms so that you can set yourself up for success.
  • Try changing up your workstation to be more ergonomic. Making sure your screen is at eye-level and that you’re comfortable will help increase your efficiency and focus.

Make sure to get enough sleep:

  • Sleep deprivation worsens attention and concentration. Without attention, our time is not used efficiently towards our academic goals.
  • Try starting a wind down routine to gradually prepare your body and mind to rest. This can be done in many ways like reading, journaling, making tea or reducing screen time before you go to bed.

Another good tip to consider is having a study buddy while doing school work. Not only can you bounce ideas off each other, but having a study buddy allows you to check in with others. We can not ignore the importance of social interaction when working online, we are all human and require interaction.

For more information, check out all the available resources, Learning Skill Workshops and Peer Tutoring from PALS to get up to 3 hours per week of free one-on-one tutoring support from students who have successfully completed your course.

*Insider tip: when you connect with a peer tutoring student, it allows you to make connections to more people in your program and some may even be selling their old textbooks at a cheaper price.

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