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First Name: Mackenzie
Last Name: Curtis
Program of Study: Visual and Digital Arts
Submission Category: Other
Title of Artwork: Exposed
Art Description: Exposed is a sculpture of an anatomically correct human heart built from white egg shells, adhesive and wire. This work was created to portray the symptom of extreme sensitivity in borderline personality disorder. Every feeling, every thought is to the extreme. It is black or it is white, there is no in between. Relationships between family, friends or spouses, with a person diagnosed with BPD have been commonly described as “walking on eggshells”. Childhood trauma is one of the root causes of Borderline Personality Disorder, which is referenced in this piece by the nest. The application of broken white eggshells insinuates broken innocence, a loss of purity and perfection. Rebuilt but left vulnerable and fragile, never again whole.


A life size replica of an anatomically correct human heart fabricated from white eggshells adhered to a wire frame. Displayed in a glass and wood dome cloche; seated on a brown bird's nest consisting of branches, grasses and feathers.
Size of Artwork in inches: 9" x 9" x 13"
Mediums used to create artwork: Other
Original Piece or a Reproduction: Original Piece
Year Artwork Created: 2022
Campus: Lakeshore Campus