During this three-hour interactive, engaging and informative workshop, participants will experience safety, healing and community. Specific information will be provided about how to identify and challenge anti-black racism at school and in the community; intersectionality and it’s impact as well as tools to address racialized oppression online.

Tenniel Rock, B.A., M.S.W., R.S.W.
For over fifteen years, Tenniel has been working collaboratively with diverse clients to transform the impact of mental health and substance use on their lives. She is a passionate anti-racism speaker, activist and agitator; dedicated to improving the experience of marginalized people in educational and mental health settings.

Tenniel is the founder of the Centre for Anti-Oppressive Communication which specializes in providing trauma informed individual and couples counselling to black, racialized, queer and trans clients, clinical supervision, and organizational consultation.

Kadeem Marcus Brown, Browns Consulting
Kadeem is an experienced financial advisor specializing in financial coaching, management and staff training. Kadeem has completed studies at Ryerson University in Business Management and Business Law. Kadeem’s lived experience and work in a variety of settings has enabled him to develop expert knowledge in the provision of personal and small business financial coaching.

To register email: sacha.ally@humber.ca

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