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Abhi Bhagat was looking to change careers with a desire to make a move into information technology (IT).

The mature student from India had a mechanical engineering background and had worked in the industry, but felt it was time to make a career change. Bhagat knew there was more he needed to learn if he wanted a career in IT and decided to go back to school.

Bhagat had a keen interest to go abroad and experience living in a new country while learning about IT from a different country’s perspective. He had a childhood friend who had graduated from Humber and told Bhagat about what a great experience he had and how much he learned.

So, Bhagat started doing some research on IT programs at colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. When he saw Humber’s Information Technology Solutions Ontario Graduate Certificate program, it was exactly what he wanted.

“I felt Humber would be a great fit and the program had all the fundamentals I was looking for,” said Bhagat.

He enrolled and started his first of four semesters in January. He’s glad he did.

“The program has been challenging but that’s good because I’m learning from the experience. It’s designed very well, and I’ve been learning a lot.”

It’s been a bit of adjustment being back in class after years away and experiencing post-secondary learning in a different country but he’s enjoying it.

One adjustment has been that the class is comprised of students of different ages. But what’s been great about that is seeing how his peers approach learning in different ways and that has motivated him. He’s finding new ways to learn and that has been a tremendous experience.

“Many of my classmates are different ages. Some are younger than me and some are older but we’re all learning together. It’s been a really fun journey,” he said.

So far, Bhagat has been busy with his studies and he hopes to join some clubs and experience the extracurriculars that Humber offers to become more immersed in the school community.  

He’s found that he loves the library at North Campus and is frequently using it to study and learn. He’s impressed with the other facilities Humber offers as well.

“I really love studying there. It has such a nice ambiance and it’s a good place to go between classes.”

Once he graduates, he plans on taking the skills he’s learned at Humber and finding a career in the IT field with an eye on working in the banking industry.