TORONTO, ONTARIO – Dr. Adrienne Galway, executive director of the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT), was joined by Jill Dunlop, minister of Colleges and Universities, and Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan, president and CEO of Humber College, to announce 39 new projects focused on supporting post-secondary learner mobility. 

Over the next year, ONCAT is distributing more than $2.8 million to support learner mobility projects at 35 colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes in Ontario. These projects aim to empower learners by recognizing previous education and professional experiences and facilitating smoother transitions between programs and institutions.  

At Humber, this funding will support three projects: 

The development of a self-assessment tool that will systematically guide learners in evaluating the knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained from prior learning against relevant course learning outcomes. This tool will help students save time and money on the path to earning their credential. 

The creation of seamless transfer pathways for Academic Upgrading students. The project will lead to quicker credential completion for these students, reducing their financial burden and expanding their access to additional pathway opportunities. 

The examination of ways that AI-powered language model tools could enhance the efficiency and quality of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) assessment activities. The project will establish a comprehensive process for the determination, development, and deployment of PLAR assessment tools across the institution. 

In Fall of 2023, ONCAT initiated calls for projects for greater accessibility and impact within the post-secondary sector. This call was met with an unprecedented number of applications from post-secondary institutions, demonstrating a growing interest in supporting greater learner mobility, expand access to post-secondary opportunities and improve pathways to the labour market. 

"Empowering learners with accessible pathways to navigate their educational journey is key to helping them achieve their professional and academic goals,” said Dr. Galway. “The increased funding will promote improved transitions between institutions and programs, helping learners get where they want to go." 

“The Ontario government is proud to support ONCAT’s important work to make it easier for learners of all backgrounds to pursue their educational goals,” said Minister Jill Dunlop. “By facilitating smoother transitions and recognizing the wealth of knowledge gained through previous experience, we are fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment to advance student success in Ontario.” 

“We are thrilled to be an ONCAT partner institution working together to help drive student success at Humber,” said Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan. “Our goal is to guide students towards their personal, professional and educational aspirations. This funding will significantly improve our ongoing efforts to break down barriers that prevent access to transfer opportunities as well as shape a future in which every student’s journey is supported and celebrated.” 

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Established in 2011, the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer plays a pivotal role in supporting learner mobility, working to reduce barriers for students seeking to transfer among the province's public colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes. For more information, visit ONCAT is funded by the Government of Ontario. 

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