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Have you named your song of the summer yet? 96.9 Radio Humber is sharing their favourite songs of the summer, hoping a few may make it on your playlist. 

From indie-pop to dance and electronic music, there are a variety of music genres to explore.

Discover the following seven artists when you turn up your stereo in the heat of summer and take the songs with you on an upcoming vacation, social gathering or a simple drive home.

Check it out:

  1. Rich Aucoin

Born and raised Canadian artist, singer and songwriter, Rich Aucoin was born in Halifax. Aucoin records and produces music as a solo artist and released a new album this year titled Release. Check out The Other, Radio Humber’s favourite summer song from Aucoin.

  1. Coleman Hell

Coleman Richard Hell is from Thunder Bay, Ontario. He released his debut single, 2 Heads, in February 2015. His debut full-length album, Summerland, was released in 2016. He also played at Humber’s Orientation Week in 2015. Take a listen to Shadows of Your Love.

  1. Reuben and The Dark

Canadian indie-folk band from Calgary consists of five band members; Shea Alain, Brock Geiger, Ian Jarvis, Brendan “Dino” Soares, who play multiple instruments with lead vocalist, Reuben Bullock. The indie-folk band are known to make introspective and anthemic songs which feature elements of stripped-down tales and rich, finely-textured harmonies. Check out Bad Feeling.

  1. Ivory Hours

Ivory Hours originated in London, Ontario in 2012, formed by Luke Roes and friends Chris Levesque and Thom Perquin. The band received major popularity after the release of their hit single Mary and since then, their career took off. The band was featured at Radio Humber’s Band of the Month in and performed at Orientation Week in 2015. Listen to their song Echoes.

  1. The Darcys

Toronto band members Jason Couse and Wes Marskell founded their band in 2010. The Darcys stopped by Radio Humber studios for a live performance and interview earlier this year. Listen to the pop/rock band’s latest song Better Days.

  1. Kayla Diamond

Diamond is a Toronto-based singer and songwriter. Diamond visited Radio Humber studios for an acoustic performance of her songs including a cover of Drake’s One Dance.

  1. Valley

The Canadian band is made up of vocalist Rob Laska, Michael Brandolino on guitar, Alex Dimauro on bass and Humber grad Karah James on drums. In 2016, the band wrote and self-produced the acclaimed EP (extended player), This Room is White, which collected over 10 million streams online, putting them on people's radar as up-and-coming indie artists. Learn more about the band and listen to their song Sports Car and others here.

For more great summer songs to jam out to this summer, listen to Radio Humber.