For Dani Romero, seeing herself on the big screen at The Royal Cinema was a heart-pounding experience.

Romero, a recent graduate of the Acting for Film and Television program, was featured – along with her graduating class – in the program’s year-end showcase. Students are filmed in scenes taken from movie and television scripts.

“My demo scene (from the movie Bridesmaids) was the first one to be shown,” she says. “I was definitely terrified by the thought of people not connecting to it. The initial feeling was an overwhelming sense of exhilaration: The feeling of my heart sinking and levitating all at once.

“Once the meaty part of the scene began and people started to laugh, all my worries went away and I began to have fun.

“I act because it feels good and because it makes others feel … it allows them to feel in a world where we too frequently pretend to not be affected by anything. I think that’s an amazing gift to give to others.

“The showcase was so much fun, and I was so proud and honoured to witness everyone’s progress, including my own!”

Reflecting on her time in the two-year program, Romero says it drastically improved her acting and made her more confident.

“I want to thank my professors and fellow alumni for allowing me to explore so much in a safe environment. I’m grateful to have been given the chance to explore each character so profoundly, and to have had the support of everyone to rebuild myself into a better and stronger actor.”