FMTV 50th anniversary poster

Humber College’s Film and Television Production (FMTV) program is ready for its moment in the spotlight.

One of Humber’s most popular and competitive programs, that is highly regarded in the industry, turns 50 this year. To celebrate, current and former faculty and students are coming together for a reunion February 8 at The Spoke Club.

This includes Angelo Colavecchia, one of Canada’s top cinematographers and Amanda Richer, a sign language coach.

Colavecchia has worked on movies It and It: Chapter Two, A Simple Favor, Molly’s Game and Pacific Rim. Richer notably worked as sign language coach for Sally Hawkins in Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water, winner of 2018’s Best Picture Oscar.

Frank Siracusa, President and CEO of Whizbang Films, is another notable FMTV alumnus. He’s worked as executive and co-executive producer on many TV shows, including The Handmaid’s Tale and Star Trek: Discovery.

“I was active in drama in elementary and high school, but I wasn’t aware that there was a program at Humber,” he explains.

He came across it by accident one day, while visiting Humber with a friend. After looking into what he would learn and the experience he would gain in the program, he decided to apply. Siracusa graduated from the program in 1984, when it was Cinematography.

“It gave me an appreciation of the technical aspects behind film production … We did things like made props ourselves. I learned how to operate film cameras and sound equipment.

“The teachers Humber had in place at the time were very supportive, very strong. The program really felt like a community.”

He plans to attend next month’s reunion to reconnect with the people and the program that started it all for him.

Tickets for the February 8 reunion are on sale now for $50. Proceeds go to scholarships for FMTV students.