Grocery Gateway by Longo’s hosted an event last week to garner fresh ideas from post-secondary students with the theme of “We Deliver the Good.”

Creative Photography students from Humber College collaborated with Editorial and Advertising Photography students visiting from the University of Gloucestershire (UofG) and delivered creative photography deliverables far beyond any expectations.

Working with a real-world client on a tight deadline, approximately 35 UofG and Humber students participated in bringing the campaign concept to life, promoting cross-cultural creative practice while gaining experience working in teams at the same time.

Humber student Julie Macdonald said, “getting to collaborate with them (the students of the University of Gloucestershire) was awesome. It opens up some opportunities for us and allows us to network and get to know other people that are going into the field, whether it’s locally or not (because they’re from the UK). It was great to work with them, the students are all very nice. We had a great group, we got along really well. The whole thing way a great opportunity and a great experience.”

“We Deliver the Good” was the main theme of the creative brief, prompting students to capture images that illustrate “the good” in one of the following categories:

  • Good Food being enjoyed: whole, fresh foods (not restaurant/prepared meals) being enjoyed in the city
  • The Good in Toronto: the little moments in the city where Toronto is “the Good”
  • A Good Life: enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle with friends and family
  • The Good in Grocery Gateway: trustworthy delivery, freshness, staff that look out for our customers

This project is an example of Humber’s ongoing commitment to partnering with institutions where students gain experience working in teams, exchanging skills/ideas with international colleagues while also gaining valuable learning experience working with a client.

Each team had to brainstorm and plan a photo shoot in only a couple of days. Groups then exhibited their final three to five prints on Friday at the Narwhal Gallery in downtown Toronto where Gus Longo, one of three brothers who founded Longo’s grocery store chain, and his daughter also made a surprise appearance.

“We were pleasantly surprised,” said Joselynn Maas, Lead UX Strategy and Design of Longos (as well as Humber Alumna). “We’re a small, agile team and we’re constantly looking for new ways of doing things, and this art gallery showing is different than anything we’ve ever done. I think sometimes that’s what you need to do. You want to be innovative, you want to think differently, you want to get a new perspective, and sometimes you have to go out of your regular way of thinking, and that’s what this experience was to us.”

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