A black and white photo of Winsome E. Smith.

In celebration of Black Heritage Month, the Humber Archives has looked back on important milestones achieved by Black-identifying people at the College.  

Using archival news stories, photographs and other materials, the Archives casts a spotlight on important individuals from Humber's past such as Winsome E. Smith.

Smith, who in 1972 became Canada’s first Black female pediatric dentist, also played an important role as a first in Humber College’s history.

Appointed to Humber’s Board of Governors on January 1, 1989, Smith went on to serve as Chair of the Board from 1993 to 1994, making her the first Black woman to serve in that capacity at Humber.

In 1994, Smith reflected on what she was proudest of during her six years at Humber. She noted that she was especially proud of the work done to enhance basic mathematics and English classes for those who needed to improve these skills to succeed in their chosen programs.

When she left the Board, she called Humber “the best college in Ontario” in large part because it has “superb administrators, faculty, and support staff, therefore the students who attend Humber are attending a college which is on the cutting edge of academic excellence.”

After leaving the Board in 1994, Smith continued to practice as a dentist while maintaining a high degree of community involvement.