If the Toronto International Film Festival is in your plans this week, take note of the Humber College grads that will be showing up on the silver screen.

Molly McGlynn

Mary Goes Round is the first time this Television Writing and Producing grad directed a feature-length movie. A substance abuse counsellor gets arrested for Driving Under the Influence and returns to Niagara Falls, her hometown. Her estranged father is dying of cancer and wants her to bond with the half-sister she didn’t know she had.

Michelle McLeod

McLeod, who studied Acting for Film and Television, makes her big-screen debut in Don’t Talk to Irene, about an unpopular high school student who gets suspended and is forced to volunteer at a retirement home. There, with her passion for cheerleading, she creates a dance troupe and signs up for a talent-search reality show.

Vance Banzo

Indian Horse


Comedy Writing and Performance grad Banzo has a part in Indian Horse, based on the book by Richard Wagamese.

“(The movie’s) about Saul Indian Horse, and after he gets out of the residential school system, how he finds solace and healing in hockey,” Banzo explains. “Society at that time, during the 60s, tore him down emotionally and mentally and he falls into alcoholism.”

Ashley Shields-Muir, Gillian Ashton, Rebecca Whitaker

Shields-Muir, a Television Writing and Producing graduate produced the short film Lira’s Forest, which can be seen as part of the Short Cuts Programme 08. Fellow Television Writing and Producing grads Ashton and Whitaker are co-producers. Lira's Forest is about a woman approaching the end of her life who comes across a masked visitor that emerges from the forest near her home.