A 2017 report released by Statistics Canada, Self-reported sexual assaults in Canada, 2014, indicates 47% of reported sexual assaults were committed against women aged 15 to 24.

Jennifer Flood, Humber College’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator, is part of an advisory committee formed by the federal government to address issues of gender-based violence at the postsecondary level.

“It is crucial for postsecondary institutions across Canada to have a comprehensive framework that works towards eradicating gender-based violence,” says Flood. “We are working towards creating safer campus communities for all members to study, work, and live in an environment free of forms of gender-based violence, while continuing to support and advocate for survivors.”

The advisory committee on the Framework to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence at Post-Secondary Institutions met earlier this month with Maryam Monsef, Minister for Women and Gender Equality, who established the committee.

The committee consists of students, survivors of gender-based violence, college and university representatives and frontline workers.

Together, members will provide guidance on a framework and initial consultations before completion of the final document this spring. The framework, in turn, will act as a comprehensive resource for post-secondary institutions to help guide actions in preventing and addressing gender-based violence.

“I am confident the partnership between the Department of Women and Gender Equality, the advisory committee, consulting partners, and students, will be able to provide the extensive knowledge and guidance this framework seeks,” Flood adds.

Humber and Guelph-Humber are working to prevent and educate our community about sexual violence. Read our Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence policy and procedure and learn about the resources available on- and off-campus.