On March 24, a health-care lab at Humber College’s North Campus was transformed into a studio to film short first-aid video tutorials meant to help citizens on the frontlines of the war in Ukraine.  

Students from Humber’s paramedic and film and TV production programs worked with GlobalMedic, a Toronto-based charity founded by Humber alumnus Rahul Singh, to create the video demonstrations that will be shared with the people of Ukraine along with 5,000 emergency first-aid medical kits. 

“People are seeing videos of the destruction in Ukraine and want to find ways to help. For GlobalMedic, the hope is that someone who gets our tool, meaning the bandages and the kit, can actually use that tool to save a life,” said Singh. 

Humber paramedic students and GlobalMedic workers film first aid tutorial videos

As of March 20, there have been more than 1,500 civilian injuries caused by the war in Ukraine. The videos recorded by Humber students and GlobalMedic are intended for ordinary citizens who have no first-aid experience but may need to perform life-saving emergency treatment. All videos will be translated into Ukrainian and Russian by GlobalMedic. 

GlobalMedic is an aid organization founded and staffed entirely by Humber alumni. The organization is working with local agencies in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries to support the distribution of food and hygiene items, helping people leave Ukraine, and working to support and facilitate cross-border distributions into Ukraine. 

“The Humber community has been deeply impacted by the war in Ukraine, especially students, faculty and staff with direct and indirect ties to the region,” said Tyler Charlebois, director of the Centres of Innovation Network and Partnerships Development at Humber College. “Filming these first-aid tutorials with demonstrations from Humber students is an example of the interdisciplinary work of our students and faculty collaborating with an industry partner, that will also provide some assistance during this incredibly difficult time.” 

Singh, who graduated from Humber’s paramedic program in 1993, founded GlobalMedic in 1998. The aid organization is staffed entirely by Humber graduates. In 2011, Rahul won the Premier’s Award as an Outstanding Health Sciences graduate. 

Meanwhile, Humber College continues to work with its community to support students impacted by the conflict. For more information on resources available and for updates on future support, visit https://international.humber.ca/support-for-ukrainian-students.html