Tuition winner 2020

Bethany Hanman was looking for a full-time job before COVID-19 upended her search for employment. 

“I had a hard time looking for jobs so I thought ‘What can I do to better align my education with jobs that will be available in the future,’” said Hanman. 

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Waterloo in the Spring. Her goal is to go into psychotherapy and counseling, but she was unable to find a job that would help her gain meaningful work experience in the field. 

Hanman decided that her next step was to enrol in Humber College’s Addictions and Mental Health Graduate Certificate Program. When she signed up, she also put her name forward for a draw for $5,000 toward her tuition. 

She had completely forgotten about the draw because she was focused on preparing for the Fall 2020 semester. Tuition winner

Then she got a call from Joy Borman, the manager of New Student Recruitment and Advising at the Office of the Registrar

She had won the grand prize - $5,000 toward her Humber College tuition. 

“I was shocked. I just freaked out. I don’t really have to pay for anything for the Fall and Winter semesters,” she said. 

“You do all this planning to make sure you can pay for your semesters. This will help me save that money and focus on school without worrying about finding one or two part-time jobs while going to school.” 

The prize reaffirmed her decision to attend Humber. 

“We are happy to support students with this prize as we know that pursuing post-secondary education is a big decision and financing education can be difficult,” said  Borman. 

The annual contest is open to domestic students entering Humber for the first time who have been accepted to a program and confirmed their offer of admission. 

Hanman looks forward to her classes and the unique educational experience Humber provides. 

“It’s great because professors are working in the field or have worked in the field. Especially with counselling, it’s so nice to talk to people who have worked with people and have heard their stories,” she said. 

“I wanted some tangible skills and to be as prepared as possible. I love that you are so close to your professors and peers.” 

You can find more information on entering the 2021/2022 draw here.