Katrina Subiaga is the winner of the annual $5,000 free tuition contest at Humber

Katrina Subiaga is the winner of the annual $5,000 free tuition contest at Humber

The contest gives a Humber student a financial helping hand as they manage the cost of tuition. Humber’s Financial Aid and Awards Office has arranged to pay Subiaga’s full tuition and fees for the fall semester, with any remaining funds from the $5,000 prize going toward Winter semester fees. 

Subiaga is a new, first-year student enrolled in Humber's Bachelor of Nursing degree program. She’ll begin attending classes this September at North Campus. 

Subiaga contemplated enrolling in a few other nursing programs offered through Ontario universities, but said she was interested in Humber's nursing program because of the yearly co-op placement offered. "Humber really stood out. Every year you're in a placement where you get a lot of hours and experience. That's something the other programs didn't offer," she said. 

Although winning the $5,000 prize toward tuition was an obvious bonus, Subiaga's heart was already set on studying nursing. "I'm really excited to learn about nursing,” she said. “And to meet new people."

Subiaga says she will commute from her hometown of Mississauga to the “really nice, really big” Humber North campus.

Joy Borman, Manager, New Student Recruitment & Advising at Humber College, explains it’s the third year Humber has run the contest. To be eligible for the draw, prospective Humber students need to enter the contest, apply, accept and confirm their offer to study at Humber. “It’s nice to be able for us to do this, and alleviate some financial concerns that students may have,” Borman says.

The contest is just one of the many ways that Humber reaches out to new and prospective students. A team of more than 30 student ambassadors reach out to students by phone to guide them through the admissions process, encourage them to visit and tour the campus, and officially welcome them to Humber once they’ve confirmed their offer. “It can be challenging to navigate the system. I think it’s important we talk to students and make sure they’re getting as much information as possible about their program, and Humber overall,” Borman says.

Kirsten Caldwell, Recruitment Communications Coordinator at Humber and a former student ambassador, says it means a lot to be able to support a Humber student along their journey. “It’s wonderful to be able to give back to a student, and help them throughout the process,” she says.

Those interested in beginning their studies at Humber in 2020/21 can enter for their chance to win the $5,000 prize. Visit www.humber.ca/win/ for more information.