It’s been a memorable few years for Corey Misquita.

Her journey began as a second-year Humber Film and Television Production student, when she wrote a short film about bullying.

That short film would go on to become the first feature-length presentation funded by Humber College, produced and developed by faculty, alumni and current students.

Now, following a successful premiere as the opening night movie at the Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF), Reign won the festival award for Best Debut Filmmaker.

“It feels surreal,” Misquita, who wrote and directed the movie, says. “I went to Humber thinking I was going to be a part of three short films, and ended up making a feature film based on a previous short film immediately after graduating. Sometimes it's still hard to believe that we actually got this opportunity.

“Winning certainly came as a surprise, especially since it was the very first feature film I wrote and the first film I directed,” she continues. “I had a lot of help from fellow classmates who have more experience than me in the particular role they were in, so I was very lucky.”

Misquita is currently writing two feature films for Square Balloon Films, the production company she and a few friends started together. The budding filmmaker says she is grateful to Humber, and her former professors and classmates, for helping make Reign a success.

“I really couldn't have made this film without the help from my fellow classmates, who put so much of their talent and time into making Reign ... I'm very proud to have worked with (actors) Jordan Todosey, Samantha Weinstein and the rest of the cast. Every cast member brought something special to each character. I'm very proud to have been involved with Humber's first feature film.”