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Adia Saqib has a unique perspective on being a mature student at Humber.

Saqib is a graduate of Project Management Ontario Graduate Certificate program and is now enrolled in the Supply Chain Management Ontario Graduate Certificate program.  

She’s gone from being in front of the class as a teacher and coordinator at an international school in Dubai to sitting among the students here at Humber. It’s been an adjustment for Saqib as she gets back into the learner mindset of attending class, managing assignments and schoolwork while also dealing with the pressures of life outside of school.

“It wasn’t easy being a student again,” said Saqib, who added it had been more than a decade since she was one. “I was settled and working and then I was a student again, going to class with others who are much younger than myself.”

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To help ease that transition, Saqib has tapped into the myriad of resources Humber offers its students. She wanted to brush up on her Excel skills, so she turned to the Math and Writing Centre and was able to get help at no cost.

When you’re a student, and particularly an international one, money can be tight at times. It’s why Saqib urges others to explore the free resources Humber offers.

“You just need to know where to go and, in most cases, you won’t have to spend a penny,” she said.  

Since she’s been a student here, Saqib has explored other resources including the Spirituality and Wellness Centre and the International Centre.

She’s also become quite involved with the Humber community through volunteerism. What she likes about being a volunteer is that she can share her advice and experiences with her peers while also learning from them. Saqib has volunteered with First Year Experience, the Transition to Success program and the Spirituality and Wellness Centre.   
She also served as a Peer Mentor with First Year Experience and was asked to speak as part of a panel about the resources available to Humber students and her experiences transitioning from working professional to student again.

“Volunteering is a really positive way to give back and it’s helped me connect with the Humber community,” she said.

In terms of her education, Saqib is pleased with her decision to attend Humber. Her time in the Project Management course was valuable and, after graduating, she wanted to enrol in Supply Chain Management to enhance her skills even further.  

Saqib has developed and strengthened her leadership, adaptability, problem-solving, communication and organizational skills through the programs.

“I’m so happy I chose Humber and I’m so glad to be part of the community,” she said. “I’m connecting with amazing people and every lesson in every class has been worth it. I’m learning a lot.”

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Saqib has even made friends with her younger classmates, which she wasn’t expecting initially.   

For more information on resources that are available to students, visit the Student Life website.