We Got You

We Got You

First Year Life

I don't even know where my locker is.

Starting out in college can be tough. We know you might want a little help figuring out how it all works, meeting new people and getting off to a great start. We're here to help, from frosh week all the way to final exams.

International Centre

I am a Globetrotter!

The world is a diverse place and we are here to help you explore it. Whether you have traveled thousands of miles to get here, or you're about to leave for a global opportunity abroad, we're here for you!

Get Involved

I Want What I Do to Count.

Do you want to develop leadership skills, volunteer in the community, be active in student government or just meet new friends? Introduce yourself – we'll show you how to take it from there.

Accessible Learning Services

Nothing's Going to Stop Me.

Students with disabilities are entitled to be accommodated at college. Our accessibility consultants will help you address potential barriers so that you can focus on your studies and succeed.

Food Services

Burger Again, or Should I go for a Salad?

No matter your preferences, it's easy to find healthy food and a place to grab a coffee with friends on campus. Stick to that burger or choose from a variety of other tasty options, including Halal, vegan or vegetarian.

Counselling Services

I Think I Need to Talk to Someone.

It can feel impossible to study when you've got something big on your mind. We're here to talk and have a dedicated team of professional counsellors who provide free, confidential support.

Residence & Housing

I Need a New Place.

Is it time to have new keys cut? Looking for a place to call your own or would you rather share with roommates? Let us help you open new doors and build community, on and off campus.

Financial Aid

I'm Totally Broke and Still Have to Buy Books.

A big challenge for any student is balancing new financial demands with a limited income. We have information on awards, bursaries and grants to help you make ends meet.

Athletics & Recreation

I Need to Get Back to the Gym.

The best place to leave stress behind is the gym. Varsity and intramural programs run seasonally, but fitness programs run all year long. We also have great work-out facilities where you can work up a sweat.

Campus Security

I Stayed Too Late at the Library.

Lost track of time and need a walk back to residence or to your vehicle? Whether it's a walk home, a battery boost for your vehicle or an emergency the Department of Public Safety is committed to keeping our campuses safe for everyone.

Academic Advising & Support

Know any Good Tutors?

Choosing the right fit in an academic program and making the grade can be challenging. We have academic advisors, tutors, writing and math specialists who are ready to help out.

Health Services

That Cut Looks Nasty.

Is there a doctor in the house? You bet. We have a great team of doctors and nurses ready to assist you so you can spend less time worrying about the sniffles and more time hitting the books.

Career Services

What Am I Going to do With the Rest of My Life?

Landing the job will require more than a firm handshake. We have experienced advisors who can review your resumé, show you how to job search, and prepare for the interview.

Aboriginal Resource Centre

Where Can I Jingle and Mingle?

Aboriginal students have access to an Elder, study area, peer mentoring and cultural activities. We have everything you need to get connected and build community.

Rights & Responsibilities

I Love My Community!

Our Codes of Conduct promote respect, safety and well being in the Humber Community.