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Getting Here and the Exam Process

More information on the processes, policies, accommodations, and the test centre.

Exam Processes and Policies

All examinations require learners to bring a piece of government issued identification (such as a Driver’s License or Passport) in order to sign-in for an examination. Health cards are not accepted, as they are not a primary piece of identification.

Expired identification will not be accepted.

Learners are encouraged to bring their own pens and pencils. Please read the confirmation email that you received prior to coming in for your examination, as it will give you the specific items that you are required to bring to your examination. Please leave any materials not being used during the examination at home or in the car. There are a small number of cubbies that smaller items can be stored in for the duration of the exam.

Washroom breaks vary depending on the examination that is being conducted, please refer to the specific policies and rules for the examination that you are taking. If you require a washroom break due to medical reasons, please let the appropriate regulatory body/college know when you are registering for your exam, as they may provide an accommodation for this. For the examinations that do permit washroom breaks, only one learner can leave the examination room at a time, and no materials from the exam room (including cellphones or watches) are to be taken with you during the break. You will not be given additional time to complete the exam due to a break being used.

You will not be allowed to start an exam before the start time. Exams are to begin at the prescribed start time to ensure that minimal disruptions occur in the examination room, and so that any accommodated testing requests can be accommodated. Please ensure to read the confirmation emails for your specific examination, as the sign-in process for most examinations begins 30 minutes prior to the actual exam start time. This allows the proctors to ensure that they have enough time to support any technical issues that can/may occur.

Due to our test centre delivering both paper-based and computer-based examinations, results can vary in when they are sent to learners. There is no marking done at the test centre, and tests can be mailed to the appropriate body for grading. Please give at least 5 business days for paper-based exams, and at least 2 business days for computer-based exams, before contacting the regulatory body/college responsible for the release of your grades.

Examination appeals are not done through the test centre, but are done through the regulatory body/college that you registered for your exam with. Please contact the college/regulatory body responsible for delivering your exam directly for more information on their specific appeal process.