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While some of the policies and rules vary and are specific to the exam being administered, there are some general rules and expectations of our test centre.

people holding cell phones

  1. All cellphones are to be turned off and put away. If you are able to, it is preferable to keep your cellphone in your car while you are taking an examination in our centre.

  1. No food is allowed in the examination rooms. Aside from water in a clear container, all beverages are also to be left outside of the examination room or finished prior to the start of the examination. For sustainability purposes, a clear reusable water bottle would be ideal. Water bottles are available for purchase in the vending machine outside the test centre.

  1. As a general rule, scrap paper is allowed in the exam room. Proctors will usually provide scrap paper, but will allow you to use your own scrap paper if it is completely blank. All scrap paper is to be collected before leaving the test centre, and will be shredded.

  1. Programmable calculators are not permitted for use in the examination room. Non-programmable calculators may be allowed, depending on the examination that is taken.

  1. All watches are to be taken off and put away. This includes smart watches and all other wristwatches.

  1. No examinations are to be administered beyond any prescribed grace periods, unless approved by the manager. As a general rule, please come to the test centre 30 minutes prior to the examination start time. Once the examination door is closed, no learner is permitted to write their examination. They will need to contact the appropriate college/regulatory body to reschedule into the next available testing session.

people writing exam

  1. Personal belongings are to be stored in a cubby outside of the examination room, or completely under your seat. The test centre is not responsible for any belongings left behind, so please restrict what you bring into the test centre to strictly what is needed for your examination.

Person holding purse

  1. Please respect the examination room, and refrain from behavior that is harmful or damaging to the property within the test centre. The proctors have no tolerance for aggressive behaviour towards them, and will end your exam immediately if they feel that your behavior is impacting the delivery of the examination. An incident report will be written, and provided to the management team for review.