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Follow these four simple steps to secure your spot in the Global Summer School! Registration will open Monday March 23, 2020.

Step 1: Login

Login to MyHumber

Step 2: Select Course

  • Click “Student”
  • Click “Registration”
  • Select “Register for Classes”
  • Select a term “Summer 2020”

Under “Course and Elective Attributes” select “Global Summer School”
Select one of the available courses.

Step 3: Add Course to the Registration Area

  • Select one of the sections available, click “Add”
  • The selected course will move to the Schedule and Summary areas.
  • Check if there are any conflicts in the matrix
  • Click “Submit” to register

Step 4: Ensure Registration was Successful

Registration was processed when you clicked “Submit”
Ensure you see “Registered” status next to each course

Remember! By registering you are committing to attend your course for full days, Monday – Friday, from July 6 - 24, 2020.

In return you’ll be rewarded with a unique learning experience: global team-building; guest talks by industry leaders; site visits to meaningful companies and organizations; and the chance to apply your knowledge and skills to real-world projects.