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Student wearing glasses that say Humber GSS

Watch the video to learn more about the Humber Global Summer School 2022 Student Experience.

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Watch the video to see the highlights from the Humber Global Summer School 2022.

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Check out this video to learn more about past Humber Global Summer School experiences.

Akaila Reid, Bachelor of Child and Youth Care, Humber College

“I saw all the different course options and they seemed really interesting. I looked into the Health and Wellness Concepts course, and it described exactly what I wanted to do. Our professor was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and about other countries. He could say hello in a few languages.”

Nancy Hwang, Hunan University, China

“It was my first experience at a Canadian institution, and I was introduced to a different kind of thinking. It wasn’t just skills – the course really opened my mind. Now I know how to create a course for the children and inspire them to use their imagination, experience nature and develop.”

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Ryan D., Southwest College, Ireland

"Getting to know and interacting with new people on a personal level regardless if they are from the same country or a foreign country is an invaluable experience."

Christopher C

Christopher C., Susquehanna University, USA

"Meeting so many people from different countries was an incredible highlight. Canada felt very similar to my home, so the majority of my cultural experience came from those around me. It was so cool to see how people from countries that were right next to each other had such big differences.”

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