See what health means at Humber

Humber was the first public college in Canada to sign the Okanagan Charter, and we’re prioritizing health within everything we do – from health-focused programs to how we build curriculum. Above all, we’re supporting a healthy community of students and employees. Hear what they’re saying about what it means to be at their best.

Get the support and resources you need

Whether you’re a student or an employee, we care about supporting your healthy experience at Humber.

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You have access to a wide range of programs and services to support your physical, mental, social and financial health at Humber. We’ve highlighted a few below to get you started, and encourage you to explore the full offering on our WE GOT YOU Student Life page. 

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Be sure to also check out IGNITE, your student government, for wellness resources and initiatives, a speaker series, and to take advantage of healthy lifestyle essentials like your student health & dental insurance plan, free menstrual kits, and more.



Part of a healthy workplace includes receiving the support and resources essential for work/life balance, physical health, financial well-being and social connectedness. Explore your resources to learn more.

Explore Resources
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View Humber’s Well-being Strategy

Humber’s Well-being Strategy sets out the principles, framework, and goals to support health and well-being of its students, employees and community. 

Your healthy community highlights

Find out more about how students and staff in the Humber and Guelph-Humber communities are prioritizing health and well-being while supporting each other on their personal journeys. Learn about upcoming events and opportunities to engage with others and strengthen your own mental, physical, financial, and social health and well-being.

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Program Profile

Humber's Accessible Learning Services team participates in pilot program focused on redesigning courses to increase inclusiveness.

Humber College's Accessible Learning Services (ALS) team took an important step towards promoting inclusivity by participating in a pilot program that aimed to redesign courses to meet the needs of diverse learners. As part of the program, ALS consultants worked with faculty members to help incorporate accessible design principles into their course materials, and explored ways to support students with disabilities. To find out more, read this study that illustrates the experiences of ALS consultants during the program and the key role that they play in supporting course redesign.

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Community Profile

New campaign encourages Humber College students to adopt a sustainable lifestyle while on campus

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Staff Profile

New equity, diversity and inclusion toolkit helps Humber professors instill a sense of belonging in their classrooms

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Tip: Whenever you see “ Another healthy YOU Initiative ” on the Humber website, you are seeing Humber’s commitment to a healthy community in action!

Humber’s four areas of health

We care about your physical, social, financial, mental health and well-being.

Health means much more than hitting the gym. 

It’s also about finding and celebrating community, becoming financially saavy, and accessing mental health supports when you need them. Humber’s four areas of health lay the foundation for a well-rounded experience at Humber where you can be at your best.

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  • The words Mental Health and Well-Being surrounding a blue heart icon

    Wellness means different things to different people. Whether you’re looking to connect with a counsellor or connect with nature, we can help you find what you need to find your center.

  • The words Financial Health and Well-Being surrounding a light green heart icon

    From managing your finances to applying for bursaries and awards, we’ve got a wealth of information and resources for students and employees alike

  • The words Physical Health and Well-Being surrounding a gold heart icon

    Keep your body healthy with a growing menu of food items and a variety of activities and sports, whatever your ability. And when you’re not feeling your best, speak with one of our nurses or doctors.

  • The words Social Health and Well-Being surrounding a pink heart icon

    Get involved in a club, be active in student government or find your community. You’ll be welcomed into a safe and diverse environment where all voices are heard.

Share how you’re at your best and you could be one of our features!

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