First Name Change Form

  • This form is intended to provide any student with a way to change their first and/or middle name as it appears on their student account. This name will be reflected on Humber systems (MyHumber, Blackboard, Hmail etc.) and on Humber documentation (e.g. transcripts, credentials and class lists).
    • Review the Frequently Asked Questions section carefully as this form impacts multiple information systems that are not always compatible with one another.

Human Rights Policy

Code of Student Conduct

  • Students have the right to make a complaint against any community member who violates their right to a safe and welcoming educational environment. Any member of the Humber community (student, staff or faculty) can contact the Office of Student Conduct to consult about a matter and without lodging a formal complaint. Contact the Office of Student Conduct to learn more about how the Code applies to you.
  • Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre (SWAC) 
    • SWAC strives to promote an environment that is wellness-enhancing, inclusive, and welcoming for students. SWAC facilitates individual student support in addition to wellness and equity-based programming.
    • Counselling 
      • Counselling can help students to work through and resolve difficulties, whether they be personal, academic or career-related. Counselling provides a confidential, non-judgemental setting where you can discuss whatever difficulties are of most concern to you.  
    • Health Services
      • Health Services are convenient and offer a wide range of services to Humber students. Trans-related care is available and hormones are included in the student health plan