May 25th, 2022
President's Message

Twenty-one people. Nineteen children and two adults. Those are the numbers in the headlines following a massacre in a Texas elementary school on Tuesday. While details continue to emerge, we know that those aren’t just numbers – they are family members and friends taken as part of another act of senseless violence.  

Less than ten days ago, I wrote about the shooting inside a Buffalo, New York supermarket that was motivated by anti-Black racism and claimed the lives of 10 people. Since then, a shooting also took...Read more

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May 16th, 2022
President's Message

About 13 months ago, I wrote a blog entitled no more anti-black racism. Earlier this year, I wrote about hate. The recent shooting in the Buffalo, New York, supermarket, motivated by hate and racism targeted Black people and it is reported that 10 people were murdered and several wounded. I am deeply saddened to be writing again about the urgent need to eliminate anti-Black racism and hate in all its forms.

Amidst mourning and protests, people are outraged that planned, deliberate violence against Black people continues to happen. I share this outrage.

Humber condemns all acts of hate....Read more

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April 21st, 2022
Blog Post
A building covered in solar panels looks out on the green space at Humber College's North Campus

Humber College has once again secured its place on the list of Canada’s Greenest Employers marking the seventh consecutive year our college has been recognized. I’m proud of the strides we have made together over the years and that Humber is known for its leadership in making sustainability part of our culture.  

We continue to advance low and zero-carbon, sustainable and resilient infrastructure on our campuses with a plan to reach net-zero by 2050. To achieve our ambitious goals, and led by our remarkable Facilities Management and Sustainability teams, we are developing industry-leading energy efficiency methodologies,...Read more

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