Current Measures in Residence
  • Guests are not permitted in residence,
  • No indoor social gatherings are permitted,
  • Common areas in residence are closed, including lounges, community kitchens, the dining hall, and the fitness room,
  • Cleaning is being conducted following our flu-season protocol, which includes increased frequency of high-touch areas and a hospital-grade disinfectant,
  • Any contractor who is required to enter the campus is screened and must follow strict safety measures,
  • Masks are to be worn within all areas of campus buildings, with the only exemptions for employees working in private offices and/or personal work space where 2m (6ft) of physical distancing can be maintained,
  • Residents and staff are encouraged to maintain 2m (6ft) distance from others,
  • All staff working in residence complete the Humber Guardian COVID self-assessment screening prior to coming to work every day,
  • When working inside student rooms, cleaning and maintenance staff wear disposable gloves,
  • Residents must complete the Humber Guardian self-assessment daily before leaving their room,
  • If a student living in residence has reported COVID-like symptoms, staff will not enter that suite until the student has been cleared by the health authorities, unless there is an urgent need (ie. heat not working),
  • Students who travel internationally must complete their mandatory quarantine period elsewhere prior to coming to residence,
  • For more information about what students need to know before coming to campus, please visit:

As any additional measures are introduced, we will provide updates on this page.

Are You Feeling Sick?


Go to: If you have ANY of the symptoms mentioned on above webpage, you must call our front desk for next steps:


North Residence: 416-675-6622 ext. 77201
Lakeshore Residence: 416-675-6622 ext. 73001

Residence staff will provide further information and support to you at this point.

Residence Isolation Requirements

Students living in residence MUST call the residence front desk and speak with a staff member if they:

As always, Humber and the University of Guelph-Humber follows direction from Toronto Public Health on appropriate measures to take. Students required to self-isolate or quarantine would be encouraged to go home if possible. Where this is not possible, the residence would ensure that the student was placed in a suite for the duration of their self-isolation or quarantine. For access to food during this time, the resident would order groceries online and staff would deliver outside their door.

For more information on being prepared in case you need to isolate, please visit