In the Fall of 2022, Humber College made the transformation from disposable containers to reusable ones at a number of our cafeterias and dining locations at our North and Lakeshore Campuses. In an effort to reduce single-use packaging that ends up in landfills and align with the federal government’s ban on several types of single use plastic, we introduced #ReuseHumber, the college’s reusable container initiative.

Through #ReuseHumber, over 250,000 disposable containers avoided landfill.

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Friendlier is the reusable container program available at North and Lakeshore campuses main dining outlets. Through the program’s app, users can track the environmental and social impact they have made by participating.

If you have questions about the transition from O2GO to Friendlier, please email diningplan@humber.ca or watch this training video!


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How to be Friendlier

Join the program

Upon purchasing non-branded takeout meals at main dining outlets on campus, users pay a refundable deposit of $0.50 or $1 at the cash for each Friendlier container used. The container deposit is added to the meal cost and can be paid with credit, debit, cash, or ONECard.  

Scan & Return 

After eating, users scan the code at the bottom of containers through the Friendlier app, or enter the container code on the Friendlier website. Users must scan their containers before returning them in order to claim refunds.  

Return emptied container and lid to collection bins widely available around campus, mostly concentrated next to food service areas. 

What if I don't have a phone?

You can claim your deposit on the Friendlier website.

Do I have to wash the container before returning?

No, you are not required to wash the container, however we ask that you scrape out all food residue in a food waste bin before returning.

Claim refund 

Within one to two weeks of returning a container, refunds will be available for users to claim through the Friendlier app or website. The Friendlier team verifies containers were returned before processing refunds. 

Users can choose to wait until a larger sum of money accumulates for refund, claim lower value refunds, or choose to donate the value to charity. Refunds are issued via e-Transfer. 

Users will only be issued refunds for containers that are scanned and returned, and each container can only be scanned once.

Friendlier FAQ

Where is Friendlier offered?

Friendlier containers are currently available at Lakeshore at the Lake Café and L Commons Eatery and at North at the Street Café and Staff Lounge for non-branded food items, which include meals from the Culinary Table, Create Station, Grill & Co, Baja Flat Station, Salad Bar, and soups.  

Where do I return my Friendlier container?

Containers are to be scraped of food and placed in return bins located around campus, mostly concentrated next to food service areas.  

Can I bring my own container?

No. Food services staff will always hand you a clean Friendlier container to ensure it has been properly sanitized. However, you can bring your own reusable mug for coffee, tea and water at participating campus locations. 

How are containers sanitized? 

Friendlier containers are washed in a high-temperature dishwasher that is rated to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. 

Can I keep the Friendlier container? 

Containers are meant to be returned after meals are consumed. In order to keep the program running, we rely on users returning the containers when they are done using them, so those containers can be cleaned and sanitized for future use. Returning the container also helps increase their reuse rate, since each Friendlier container can be reused up to 100 times. 

What happens if I break my container? 

Please place broken containers to return bins as usual (you will still receive a refund for them). All containers are inspected for damage and broken ones are discarded. 

For additional questions, access the Friendlier FAQ page