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Climate Change is a topic that is on the mind of many folks, and we need to start taking climate action. By assessing our daily habits and actions, we can make choices that are mindful of environmental effects. We went live with Tayler Buchanan, Sustainability Communications and Event Coordinator, to learn more about how we can participate in climate action during the pandemic as well as learning more about Humber sustainability initiatives.

Here’s what Tayler had to say:

The Pandemic has changed our lives in many challenging ways, but some good is coming out of it. Changes to daily lifestyle as a result of the pandemic:

  • Less driving and traveling due to working/ studying from home.
  • Temporary reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

We need to keep up these habits post-pandemic and advocate for a green economy.

In Ontario, the main cause of our collective carbon footprint is driving, heating our spaces, flying, and eating beef [Resource]. Here are some ways you can easily contribute to climate action:

  • Using zero-carbon transit alternatives, including walking, biking, driving an electric vehicle
  • Carpooling
  • Eat less beef
  • Limit heating in your home
  • Reduce what you buy and throw away - buy fewer goods, make them last, and throw less away will help. Recycling helps a little, but not as much as we think. It’s important to reduce first, then reuse and lastly recycle

These individual actions are a great place to start, but don’t stop there. You can’t save the world alone! Get involved with local organizations that are advocating for social and environmental justice. You can start by emailing sustainability@humber.ca to learn more about volunteer opportunities on campus.

Humber College is very supportive of sustainability initiatives and strives to be a leader in developing sustainable campuses. Here are some green initiatives that Humber has implemented in the past few years:

  • All new campus buildings incorporate sustainability into the design and building process. Building NX at North Campus is the first retrofit project in Canada to achieve the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) - Design certification from the Canada Green Building Council
  • Secure and indoor bike rooms. North campus has 100 new secure bike parking spots in the Commuter Hub.
  • Humber is the first college in Ontario to have multiple Fair Trade Campus designations. North Campus and Lakeshore Campus). The Fair Trade Campus Steering Committee ensures that Fairtrade certified products are available on campus and raises awareness about making conscious consumption choices.
  • The 2019-2024 Sustainability Plan incorporates sustainability, equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the Plan and its Supporting Actions.
  • New Sustainability Education Research Guide offers key research tools and resources for the Humber community.

For more information on Humber sustainability initiatives, visit Humber.ca/sustainability

For information on upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, check out @sustainhumber on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Humber.ca/sustainability.

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