Humber's Office of Sustainability

Humber College's institutional value of Sustainability states "We preserve our collective future."

We lead and support Humber’s commitment to providing national leadership in developing sustainable campuses, and are a hub for campus engagement and information. We foster a culture of sustainability by leading by example: how we operate our buildings, interact with the physical environment and communities around us, and in the way we teach and learn about sustainability. By incorporating economic, social and environmental sustainability across the college, we are creating career-ready citizens for the challenges of today's world. 

Take a look at our latest Sustainability Plan 2019-2024 and the Supporting Actions

News and Events

Climate Action Plan front cover

Climate Action Plan

Humber's Climate Action Plan sets a course for the college to be net-zero emissions by 2050.  The plan will address the college's Scope 1 and 2 emissions, which are greenhouse gas emissions (...
Humber North Campus Apiary

Humber is a Certified Bee Campus

Sustainability is one of Humber College’s six values and our goal is to be a “national leader in developing sustainable campuses” (2018-2023 Humber Strategic Plan). We strive to connect the...
O2GO Promotion Poster

O2GO Reusable Containers

The OZZI system and O2GO® Reusable Food Containers are a cost-effective alternative to single-use, throwaway containers. Approximately five million throwaway ...

Sustainability Spotlight

Staci Lindsay  Manager, Accounts Payable  Staci Lindsay, Accounts Payable Manager at Humber College, has had a passion for accounting since she was in High School. Today, she leads...

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Meet the Team

Team photo
Spencer Wood , Director, Facilities Management (He/Him)
Lindsay Walker, Associate Director, Sustainability (She/Her)
Aman Hehar, Associate Director, Energy & Climate Change (He/Him)
Tessa Soltendieck, Sustainability Manager
Vacant, Sustainability Communications & Engagement Coordinator (She/Her)
Safa Al-Haji, Environmental Coordinator, Best Service Pros (She/Her)
Karisa Simon , Sustainability Communications and Events Assistant (She/Her)
Branislav Jeremic , Senior Project Manager, District Energy (He/Him)
Vacant, Sustainability Project and Research Assistant

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