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Hmm? Who Do I Ask? (First Year - Frequently Asked Questions)

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1. I’m a first year student. What is a good way to meet new students in and out of my program?

Humber College’s First Year Experience Program, also referred to as, FYE, is a great resource for first year students! The FYE Program offers free Peer Mentoring, workshops, and events for Humber students all throughout the year :)

Join FYE’s community! -  https://humber.ca/student-life/fye/

2. Peer Mentoring vs Peer Tutoring?

Peer Mentoring and Peer Tutoring are two different services offered at Humber College. 
Peer Mentoring is through the First Year Experience Program (FYE) and is for social and academic mentoring. Whereas, Peer Tutoring, is run through Peer Assisted Learning Services (PALS). With Peer Tutoring, Humber students can use up to 3 hours of free one-on-one tutoring a week. 

FYE Peer Mentoring: https://humber.ca/student-life/fye/
PALS Peer Tutoring: http://humber.ca/learningresources/ 

3. Who do I contact for admission and registration related enquiries? 

The Office of the Registrar: https://humber.ca/admissions/office-of-the-registrar/about.html

International Centre (For International Students, this is also a good resource): https://international.humber.ca/student-services.html?_ga=2.179822816.570291872.1598735945-1542740341.1597340960

4. Who do I contact for more information related to my program?

Often, a good person to turn to if you have program related questions, is the Program Coordinator. You can often find this information easily by typing into your internet browser, “Humber College Program Name”. 

Another option to possibly consider, is searching to see if your program has a social media group for students. For example, a lot of programs have a student-run FaceBook group. This might be a great option to gain some extra student support! (Please always keep in mind online safety if you try this option). 

5. I have to come back to campus this Fall 2020. Do I have to do something before I come back?

Yes! Please make sure you are up to date with the newest information, here: https://humber.ca/campus-return/ 

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