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Humber uses an external listing service (Places4Students.com) for Landlords and Students to rent accommodations.

This is a free service for all students to help find off-campus housing.


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If you are a landlord with a proper rental unit, you can list it for a small fee with this site.


Humber does not make representations or warranties concerning the quality or suitability of accommodations listed on the places4students registry.  Humber cannot and does not accept responsibility or any liability for housing arrangements by people using the registry.  We recommend that you obtain independent legal advice before signing a lease with a landlord. Students, it is in your interest to ask questions regarding the legality and suitability of the rental unit.

Please visit the website and/or read the Residential Tenancies Act to make sure your rights are protected.  A copy of the Residential Tenancies Act can be obtained by visiting the Ontario Government Web Site.