How can I request accommodations?

  • Appropriate accommodations are determined by Accessible Learning Services (ALS). ALS is located in the LRC (North Campus) and WEL202 (Lakeshore).
  • Once your accommodations are finalized ALS will forward a copy of your Accommodation Letter to Testing Services and, with your permission, your instructors.

How can I write with Testing Services?

  • Inform your instructor when you intend to write with Testing Services. You must collaborate on a date and time that is suitable.
  • Guelph-Humber (GH) students who wish to write with Testing Services must complete our Guelph Humber Test/Exam Notification Form, and deliver it to their Faculty Support Officer (FSO). This is a requirement for all GH students - if you fail to supply this form to your FSO, they will not supply us with your test! 
  • Your instructor must submit the test to us. It should be accompanied by a referral form outlining the test details and your accommodations. 
  • Note: Because of limited availability, students who require a reader/scribe for testing must book an appointment with us. Please click here to make an appointment. All other accommodations are available on a drop in basis.

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