Accommodated Testing

Accommodated testing is available for students who are registered with Accessible Learning Services and supported by an Accessibility Consultant. Your testing accommodations can be activated for any assessment within your course(s), and you can choose to write your assessment with Testing Services. 

If you are a student who requires accommodations and have not worked with an Accessibility Consultant, you can contact the Accessible Learning Services team by clicking here.

Booking your Assessment

As a student with an accommodation, you have the option to activate your accommodations for assessments when needed. You are not required to utilize your accommodations for all assessments. If you do wish to utilize your accommodations, the following process should be followed:

  1. Inform your faculty each time that you will use your accommodations for a particular assessment well in advance of the test date.
  2. Book your assessment with us at Testing Services 7 business days prior to your test date.
  3. Review the Testing Information page prior to your test date.
  4. Attend on your chosen test date and time, and complete your assessment with Testing Services.

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